Why buy a home? Because home ownership is truly a building block to creating and establishing long term wealth and financial security for you and your family. It has been demonstrated time and time again that the equity your home builds can provide short term benefits such as college tuition, vacations and remodeling as well as long term benefits, such as retirement. Plus, it’s no secret that chicks dig homeowners!

Top 5 Reasons to Hire to Buy

  1. Addresses – We give them out like candy! It doesn’t matter which realty company is listing the home for sale. Contact us with any MLS number and we’ll provide you with the address.
  2. Perks – We appreciate our buyers. Purchase any home through us and we’ll help with the move! Receive your choice of either a one day moving truck rental for a local move or a complimentary cleaning of your new home.
  3. Zero Money Down – If you believe this, you have seen too many infomercials! We do promise to work closely with your lender to help find the best loan program for you, a home you can afford, and with as little cash out-of-pocket as possible.
  4. No Cost Representation – Our buyers don’t pay a single cent for agent representation, as commission is paid by the seller. We can act as your agent no matter which realty company is listing the home. Let us take you from finding a lender, to selecting the perfect home, making the best offer, through inspections and negotiations, to handing you the keys at closing all at no cost to you!
  5. Experience – The Morewitz family has been serving Hampton Roads for over a century! We’re here for all of your real estate needs today and will be here for all of your real estate needs in the future.